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Hidden Valley Estates

Special builder incentive of $10,000 in Designer Upgrades is valid with the use of Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage and Anvil Land Transfer.

Welcome to Hidden Valley Estates, the perfect destination for those seeking the right blend of traditional city energy and suburban tranquility. Located in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, Hidden Valley Estates will offer 40 spacious lots with included amenities; public water, public sewer, sidewalks, street trees, and street lighting. 

Situated out the outskirts of Quarryville, Pennsylvania and only 14 miles from downtown Lancaster City, this community will offer not just a home, but a wonderful place to cherish both work and play.

We are now pre-selling at Hidden Valley Estates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Your new home future starts here.

Avondale 610-869-8711
Longwood 610-444-7600
Oxford 610-932-1000
Quarryville 717-786-8000

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