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Seven Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

1. Get the inside Scoop

Real Estate professionals have access to exclusive neighborhoods and property information to make you a smarter buyer or seller. REALTORS® are the first to know what homes are going on the market even before they go live on Zillow or REALTORS® know what all of the houses in your area have sold for and how long they stayed on the market before they closed. REALTORS® know how other REALTORS® work and know all the legal terms and contracts and the buying and selling process. We have to spend our days researching all there is to know about buying and selling houses so that when there's something you need to know we can give you the answer before you even have to ask the question.

2. Simplify your Search

A REALTOR® can educate you on current market conditions and help you find homes that match your criteria using local broker marketplaces- known in the business as Multiple Listing Service MLS. We use these to compile all of your wants and needs and narrow your search to only the properties that match your criteria. It also allows the property you're selling to be viewed only by serious buyers.

3. Navigate a Complex Process

A REALTOR® can guide you on forms, Disclosures, and the lending process to help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. I think the real estate lawyers were just playing a sick joke on us all when I look at all the paperwork included in buying the house. There's the consumer notice, agency agreement, sellers disclosure, inspection reports, loan estimate, closing disclosure, offer letters, and the agreement of sale just to name a few. There's all of the mortgage paperwork and we haven't even started looking at what you want in the end.

4. Negotiate like a Pro

A REALTOR® has the expertise to negotiate terms from price to repairs, on your behalf.

Not only do we negotiate home prices for a living, but we can quickly and accurately.

When you know what you're talking about and you have the backing of a realtor, you also have the backing of their broker and entire office behind you. You can walk into any negotiation with the confidence needed to get what you want.

5. Be Up-to-Date

The market is ever changing, and so is the buying/selling process, and so are the players and properties. Trying to stay on top of it all is a full-time job. Which is why we have REALTORS® who dedicate their lives to knowing everything there is about selling and buying. Not only do we take classes and a big test in order to become and agent, but we also take required continuing education courses every year to stay current with our knowledge of real estate.

6. Have a Trusted Ally

Once you hire a REALTOR® to work with you, you are awarded our fiduciary duties: obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability, and reasonable skill and care. This means you can trust your realtor to do you what you ask us to do, that we will always fight for your best interest, anything we know we share with you, we can't discuss anything you share with us with anyone EVER, we are accountable with escrow funds, and we are always going to do our very best to serve you within our scope of expertise.

7. Do the Right Thing

Make sure your agent is a REALTOR® and are bound by a strict code of ethics based on professionalism, and consumer protection. Although all agents are trained those who choose to become REALTORS® choose to make the extra effort to be held to a hire standard. We are backed by national, state and local organizations that make sure we are taking accredited classes, and offer thousands of different trainings and classes to focus our knowledge and keep us well educated. They also back us legally and give us legal support and advice to help back and compensate us and you if there are ever any legal issues.

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