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Oxford Area June Updates

I know not everyone who reads this an Oxford resident or even trying to become one but being that I attend a lot of the local meetings for Oxford and a few other townships I would like to share some of the things I've learned. I also want this to serve as information for anyone who would like to attend one of these.

All Lower Oxford Township meetings are held at the Township building located at:

220 Township Rd Oxford PA

Kevin R. Martin Chairman

Noel a Roy Vice-Chairman

Robert McMahon Member

Steve Price Roadmaster

Deborah J Kiney Secretary /Treasurer

Winifred Sebastian Solicitor

Big things have been happening in our areas lately so i wanted to take some time again to share with you all the updates I have learned from attending the Oxford Borough and Lower Oxforod township meetings

From Lower Oxford we are discussing the addition of rail road safety lights and bars for the rails across Crowl Toot road, You also may have noticed an influx of roads getting cleaned up and redone and you can thank our Roadmaster Steve Price, for that who has been assessing our roads and doing his best to get all the roads in the best drivable conditions. Mr. Price also gave me some insight as to the Ashmun Rd Elkdale Rd intersection for how we can make that intersection more safe, but because they are both state roads, we will have to get help from John Lawrence at the state level. If you are interested in learning more about the Lower Oxford Township and all the things happening here join me at our next meeting happening July 8th at 220 Township Rd Oxford PA. Or check out the website for other upcoming meetings:

The Oxford Borough Council currently meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 at the Oxford Borough Hall 1 Octorara Alley Oxford PA. However an updated schedule of the borough meeting is posted on their website.

This building is located behind The Octorara Tavern. You can park in the parking garage and use the meter in the garage or through the flow bird app.

When you arrive, you will sign in and enter the meeting room to your right. Signing in does not obligate you to speak, the public will be addressed to asked questions and you are free to speak then or not.


Ms. Kathryn Cloyd, President

Mr. William Fitzpatrick, Vice President

Ms. Amanda Birdwell, Pro Tem

Mr. Raul Juarez-Lara, Jr.

Mr. Robert Ketchman

Mr. Luke Neidigh

Ms. Peggy Ann Russell

Mr. Phil Harris, Mayor

Ms. Stacey Fuller, Solicitor

Ms. Pauline Garcia, Borough Manager

In Oxford Borough there is a huge push for community involvement and reponse for the proposed changes to the Historic District as well as the up comming layout for planning out the future of our town. On June 13 there was an Open House where all Borough residents were invited to come learn about the proposed changes and give feed back which was well attended, but the Borough wants to know if there is anyone else who would like to see the plans or have feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions about the proposed changes. You can learn more about the project and give feed back on their website:

They are also still looking for nominations for Junior Council. Junior council is an opportunity for Junior and Seniors to come learn about the council does and how it works. If you know someone going into their junior or senior year this year who would be interested in learning about or a career in government or just getting involved in the community consider nominating them for Junior council. 

The Borough of Oxford is planning for some big changes from updating roadways and curbs and creating more rain gardens and managing out storm water runoff to enforcing sidewalk maintenance for owners. So if you live in the Borough get ready for some great facelifts happening to our town coming soon, and if you want to learn more join me at the next Borough Council meeting happening on July 1st at 1 Octorero Alley, Oxford PA 19363 right behind the OTE.

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