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Oxford Borough Council Meeting Recap

Updated: May 14

I know not everyone who reads this an Oxford resident or even trying to become one but being that I attend them and a few other townships I would like to share some of the things I've learned. I also want this to serve as information for anyone who would like to attend one of these.

The Borough Council currently meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 at the Oxford Borough Hall 1 Octorara Alley Oxford PA. However an updated schedule of the borough meeting is posted on their website.

This building is located behind The Octorara Tavern. You can park in the parking garage and use the meter in the garage or through the flow bird app.

When you arrive, you will sign in and enter the meeting room to your right. Signing in does not obligate you to speak, the public will be addressed to asked questions and you are free to speak then or not.


Ms. Kathryn Cloyd, President

Mr. William Fitzpatrick, Vice President

Ms. Amanda Birdwell, Pro Tem

Mr. Raul Juarez-Lara, Jr.

Mr. Robert Ketchman

Mr. Luke Neidigh

Ms. Peggy Ann Russell

Mr. Phil Harris, Mayor

Ms. Stacey Fuller, Solicitor

Ms. Pauline Garcia, Borough Manager



Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce Dinner celebrated Dr. Douglas Fasick as the citizen of the year, and G&F Carpet as the business of the year, but the real treat was Organizations of the year: Boroughs of Oxford, Boroughs Oxford Public Works, Jennersville YMCA, LCH Health and Community Svcs, Lighthouse youth center, neighborhood services Center, New London Counselling Center, Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce, Oxford Main Street Inc, Oxford Police department, Oxford Presbyterian Church, SILO, St. Christophers Episcopal Church, Union Fire Company No.1, and Waterway Church. All of these organizations were a huge help to the families affected by the fire in September of last year from collecting donations to organizing food and clothing drives and helping these families to rehome. Each of them were invited to the borough council meetings over the last few months to present what donations they had collected, what they had already done with said donations and their plans going forward.


Senator Bob Casey came to visit us on April 2 to see the site of our fire. And currently there are plans for a Theater to be built at the fire site.


Our Borough Police department now have live scan, which gives us the ability to store fingerprints digitally and to communicate with the state as to the identification and criminal history of who the fingerprints belong to. This has greatly helped with recent cases as the warm weather increases and crime goes up.

Moran Farms development. So some of you may have heard some buz about a new development coming to oxford and here’s what I have been able to gather so far (keep in mind nothing has been approved or finalized yet) This ne development will be located in both the Oxford Borough and East Nottingham. When this development was first proposed it was a 55+ community, that has since changed to not have an age restriction. Currently it is proposed to have 80 homes added to the oxford borough itself. There is still some discussions happening around road dedication and where the entrances to the new development will be. Originally one of the entrances would be in oxford Boroughs and the other would be from East Nottingham, however the Oxford Entrance was going to be on Locust street which is not equipped for the increased traffic, so there was a suggestion to move both entrances to East Nottingham, however that poses a problem when trying to dedicate the roads to the borough since the borough would not have access to them. As you can see the discussions are still on going, but there will be a new development coming soon.


 Oxford celebrated its 191st birthday on April 8th!!!

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