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Schooling in Oxford PA

If you have kids and you are thinking of moving to Oxford, or the Oxford Area, there are some things to think about school wise. We have a public school and a charter school available to our community as well as a wide array of daycares, preschools and homeschooling groups. This here is your guide to all things education-wise here in Oxford.

Oxford Area School District

"Kids First, Progress Unity"

Meet the Superintendent:


Registration is done the summer before you would start school and opens in March:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Parent Teacher Organization:

Oxford Educational Foundation:

Avon Grove Charter School

"Excellence Through Ingenuity"


Early Learning Center K-3:

Enrollment application starts in February and is picked through a lottery system. Acceptance is announced in March:

Volunteer Opportunities:


Virtual learning at home through OASD:

Day Cares and Preschools

Barnsley Academy:

Ducklings Early Learning Center:

Weaver Day Care Center:

Bright Beginnings:

Tommy Tinkers Too Inc:

Oxford Community Preschool:

Bethany Pre School:

*I am not promoting any of these or have any vested interest in where or how you choose to educate your children. This is simply a resource to find out where you can get information for what you are looking for.

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